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‘Child Support’ is a phrase that is well understood in Australia. Although it is
possible to get maintenance in both marriage and a de facto separation in
Australia, where it is known as spouse maintenance.

Expert spousal maintenance lawyers from GAR Lawyers may guide you with
asserting or rebutting claims. No spousal support claim is too complicated.
Our spousal maintenance lawyers have successfully represented hundreds of
Sydney clients in maintenance claims arising from marriage and de facto

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Spousal Maintenance Sydney

A partner may be required to pay spousal maintenance if a spouse is unable to support themselves properly, typically due to parental duties or bad health. The measure of adequacy will rely on the finances and lifestyle of the partners when determining if assistance is required. For example, what is “enough” for the partner of a multi-millionaire would be somewhat more than that for an average suburban partner.

However, the claiming party’s earning potential and any income are important factors in spousal maintenance law. Most of the time, rather than what a person chooses to earn, the courts will consider what they are fairly capable of earning. If a neurosurgeon chooses to work as a part-time cleaner, their income potential as a neurosurgeon may still be considered.

In a typical suburban family arrangement, the capacity to pay is more of a concern than demonstrating a need. Since the primary breadwinner frequently has limited financial resources after taking care of housing, food, and child support, spouse maintenance is rare in middle-class couples. Our legal professionals can help obtain the best possible outcome for you and your children. Reach out to us!

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