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Legal separation and divorce are challenging enough, especially when dealing with child custody, also known as parenting orders; and other concerns surrounding Australian Family Law. To ensure that parental rights and obligations are in the best interests of your children, it is important to hire one of the best child custody lawyers in Sydney specialising in parenting orders and other children’s issues in Family Law. This is a crucial choice, especially if both parents are unable to reach an agreement.

GAR Family Lawyers focus on Child Custody and parenting orders, as we have extensive knowledge in resolving all forms of child custody cases. Our child custody lawyers can assist you in determining what is legal and reasonable for you and your children, as well as possible options. Our services are cost-effective and practical, providing efficient work for an affordable price.

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It’s important to take caution while finding lawyers for custody of the child. A family lawyer should comprehend both your financial condition and legal requirements. Our staff is aware of all parenting laws in Australia and that every family has a distinct situation. While some families have a history of abuse or neglect, other families stay cordial with one another after a split. While some families are in complete agreement and contact us to ensure that their children’s rights are upheld, other parents fear a tragic future in which the other parent will spend the majority of their time with the Children.

At GAR Lawyers, we address your family’s demands on an emotional and monetary level. We will collaborate with you to get the greatest outcomes for your family since we understand how stressful it may be to worry about the welfare of your children. You may rely on us to get the desired outcome for the resolution of your family law dispute while keeping your children’s best interests in mind.

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Your children’s welfare is too critical to be left up to chance. So, don’t take decisions about your children lightly. Therefore, you need a supporter who shares your goals. You may make an appointment by calling us on 1300 706 490 or by leaving a message on our website.

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