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Most people can find legal work to be complex and laborious. It is typically essential that you get it right, which explains why even the smallest mistakes can lead to substantial consequences.

Our goal is to provide affordable, efficient legal work that doesn’t require needless stress. Consult with us today to solve your legal concerns. So you can stop dreading the future and start living today!

Chloe Grace

Principal Solicitor

Chloe is the Principal Solicitor of GAR Lawyers and has been in the legal industry for about 13 years, until she was finally admitted in 2015, where she predominantly focused on Family and Criminal law.

Chloe spent her earlier years studying for the theatre, film and events, however, the law was the only thing that helped fill the void, ironically, advocating to be specific.

Chloe searched for a role which helped people in compromising situations and attempt to simplify the process for individuals with high running emotions.

Her empathy, compassion and understanding of the law is her main mantra, which is also why many clients trust her resilience and determination, well.

When Chloe is taking a rare break from the law, she is spending time with her family and children, usually running around somewhere outdoors.

Areas of Practice

Family Law – Criminal Law

Cameron Grace 



Cameron has an interesting history and can say that he has lived nine lives, considering his earlier years as a special forces member under 1 Commando Regiment, Offshore Private banker for Meryl Lynch and UBS, cattle farmer, to finally settling his roots as a promising law student.

A life threatening accident which resulted in spending a year in hospital, learning to walk and talk again, helped Cameron find a silver lining when he found his love for the law, at a time when such a goal seemed incredibly unattainable.

Cameron’s passion for family law, stems from the ability to ensure that everyone has access to justice, including proper representation and the ability to ensure that each party remains child focused.

When Cameron is not debating the law with fellow colleagues and peers, he enjoys the occasional outdoor activities, HIIT and spending time with his family and children.

Our goal is to provide affordable, efficient legal work that doesn’t require needless stress.


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