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Family Law Services

We know that the initial step of talking to a family lawyer after separation is daunting. However, it is critical to arm yourself beforehand, and we feel that our  team are some of the best to represent you and your unique needs.

We take great pride in being one of the primary family law firms to focus on addressing all areas of separation and divorce law. In the process, the aim of GAR Lawyers is to help our clients achieve their goals and objectives in the most efficient and stress-free way possible with better outcomes for the family.


Spousal maintenance

Spousal maintenance isn’t an automatic right. We can suggest that to determine whether or not it is something you will need, depending on your financial standing.


Financial Agreements

Whether you have finalised or are still considering a divorce, feel free to give us a call before agreeing to a settlement. We can explain how your current and future rights relate to your particular situation.


Parenting Arrangements

When you have children, your first priority is to develop a home environment in which they can thrive. Those arrangements need to be in your children’s best interests.


Divorce and seperation

Our skilled divorce lawyers explain the legal rights and privileges you can anticipate in a situation of separation or divorce.

Criminal Law Services

Should you face arrest, police questioning, criminal cases, or disciplinary actions, you are probably facing a stressful and serious event.

It’s important to engage with an experienced criminal lawyer as soon as possible, not just for your own wellbeing but also because it can affect the outcome of your case.


Mental Health Applications

In late March 2021,  new laws went into effect to divert people with mental health issues away from the criminal justice system and towards getting them the help they need to move forward in their lives.


Court Appeals

Don’t agree with the conviction or outcome of your matter? Discuss with our team, if you are eligible to appeal your matter in a higher court.


Not Guilty Pleas

To establish a criminal offence the prosecutor will need to prove every element of a particular offence . By pleading Not Guilty, you will be permitted to attend court for a hearing or trial. Ask our team about your legal options.


Guilty Pleas

If you’re anxious about a criminal or traffic case, it is possible to take mitigating steps to ensure you receive the most lenient outcome possible under the circumstances.


Bail Applications

Applying for bail is an extremely important process since criminal matters can often take a long time or take place over several months or years.


We have a three step plan in place ready to help you.



Get your questions answered and know what to do next
when you meet with one of our experienced lawyers.



We’ll explore your legal options together and keep you
informed as we work toward a beneficial resolution.



Feel confident knowing you have taken informed and wise steps on behalf of yourself and those you care about.

Grace Ashworth Ridge Lawyers use a range of methods to provide the best outcomes for everyone, whether it is a family or criminal law matter.

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