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Divorce and legal separation can be emotionally and financially draining. Both partners have to consider various issues, including time spent with the child/ren, the continuance of your home loan (if you have one), how you will care for your pets, who gets the house, etc. Divorce and legal separation cases demand empathy, sensitivity, and thorough guidance from legal experts in the field. The emotional and psychological trauma our clients experience through a divorce is something we are aware of and sympathetic to.

GAR Lawyers believes in helping clients through the complex divorce law processes and making it as simple and stress-free as possible. Our Sydney divorce lawyers are well-versed with NSW family law and work with you in this challenging time to help you attain the best possible outcome.

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Separation Lawyers in Sydney

We understand the risks associated with legal separation and divorce, as well as what it takes to settle them with minimal damage to your family. Legal separation does not necessarily result in divorce, but if you have been separated for twelve months or longer, a divorce application may be submitted.

To prevent your issue from getting more complicated, it is crucial to receive the correct guidance as soon as possible. Alternatively, Family Dispute Resolution (FDR), including Mediation, is an option if you want to resolve any issues without the stress of attending court.

Prior to getting divorced, if there are children and/or property involved, such matters can be dealt with prior to applying for divorce, 12 months following the breakdown of the relationship. During the separation process, the entitlement of assets and parenting time for both parties may change, depending on personal circumstances. Please see parenting or property.

GAR Lawyers assists families going through such tough times and provide sound legal advice surrounding NSW separation law. With our in-depth understanding of divorce and legal separation law, we can help you achieve the best outcome.

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What transpires when a marriage or relationship dissolves?


When a married couple chooses to separate, they decide to end their relationship even if they are still legally married.

Often, one party may leave the matrimonial home; however, in some circumstances, both parties may choose to stay in the family home, consequently due to financial burdens, waiting for the sale of property, shared time with the children, etc.  Of course, in theory, the latter is ideal, yet usually, such an arrangement may be a challenging and stressful situation, especially if the children are exposed to any family violence and hostility.

If you are a victim of domestic and family violence abuse, your case is unique, and you should speak with our Sydney CBD separation lawyer. If you fear your life is in danger, you should telephone 000 and other relevant authorities as soon as possible.

How can GAR Lawyers help you with your divorce and separation in Sydney CBD?


GAR Lawyers can help with gathering the required proof to persuade the court that the separation was genuine. We help you understand your legal rights and give you the best possible solution according to your situation.

If you are unsure what actions to follow while negotiating your legal rights in NSW or have been misguided with family law, schedule an appointment with GAR Sydney divorce lawyers today. We can discuss a strategy that will provide the best possible outcome for you and your family.

Call us on 1300 706 490 or send a message on our website to speak with one of our best separation lawyers in North Sydney. You may also stop by our office for a face-to-face legal consultation.

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