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At GAR Lawyers, we have been serving the legal needs of the Parramatta community for 13 years. Over this time, we’ve encountered a wide range of criminal cases and had the privilege of assisting countless individuals in their legal journeys. Through these experiences, we’ve come to understand the questions and concerns that often weigh heavily on the minds of our clients.

In this article, we aim to provide clarity and guidance by addressing some of the frequently asked questions (FAQs) that individuals facing criminal charges commonly have. Our goal is to share our knowledge and expertise, helping you navigate the complexities of the legal system with confidence. Whether you’re seeking answers about the criminal justice process, legal terminology or what to expect from your criminal lawyer, we’ve got you covered.

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I do if I’m arrested by the police?

When facing arrest, it’s essential to remain calm and assert your right to remain silent. You can politely request to speak with a criminal lawyer before answering any questions.

What happens in a local court?

A local court is where a lot of criminal cases start. If a person is accused of a criminal offense, their first appearance will likely be in a local court. Parramatta criminal lawyers can help explain what’s going on and advise on the next steps.

What does ‘pleaded guilty’ mean?

When someone has ‘pleaded guilty’, they have admitted in court that they did what they are accused of. Some people choose to plead guilty because it might result in a lesser punishment.

What is a fixed fee?

A ‘fixed fee’ is a pre-agreed sum of money that you pay for a service. In legal terms, it means you know up front exactly how much you’re going to pay your lawyer; there are no surprises.

What is a prohibited drug?

A ‘prohibited drug’ is a drug that the law says is not allowed. If a person is found with a prohibited drug, they might be accused of drug possession, which is a serious crime.

What is domestic violence?

Domestic violence happens when one person in a relationship hurts or frightens the other person. It’s a serious crime, and Parramatta criminal lawyers are experienced in dealing with cases like this.

What is a defended hearing?

A defended hearing is a type of court proceeding that happens when a person pleads not guilty and their case goes to trial. The accused person’s lawyer and the prosecutor will each present their case, and a judge or magistrate will decide if the person is guilty.

What do criminal lawyers do?

Criminal lawyers, sometimes referred to as criminal defence lawyers, help people who are facing criminal charges. These charges can range from traffic law violations to more serious criminal offences. These lawyers help guide individuals through court proceedings and strive for a not-guilty verdict.

Can a Parramatta criminal lawyer help with bail applications?

Yes, Parramatta criminal lawyers can assist in preparing and presenting bail applications to secure your release from custody while your case is pending. They can argue for bail conditions that are fair and reasonable.

Do I need a criminal lawyer for minor charges?

Even for minor charges, it’s advisable to consult with a criminal lawyer. They can assess the case, advise you on your rights and help you understand potential consequences, ensuring that your interests are protected.

How can a criminal lawyer in Parramatta negotiate plea bargains?

Criminal lawyers in Parramatta negotiate plea bargains by working with prosecutors to reach mutually acceptable agreements. These agreements may involve reduced charges or sentencing in exchange for a guilty plea.

What should I bring to my initial consultation with a criminal lawyer?

It’s helpful to bring any relevant documents, such as police reports, court summons and any evidence related to your case. Being prepared allows the lawyer to better understand your situation.

Can a criminal lawyer represent me in appeals?

Yes, Parramatta criminal lawyers can represent you in appeals if you have been convicted and wish to challenge the verdict or the severity of the sentence. They can navigate the appeals process and present your case effectively.

How do I choose the right criminal lawyer for my case?

Selecting the right criminal lawyer involves considering their experience, expertise in your specific charges, reputation, communication skills and compatibility. Schedule consultations with potential lawyers to assess their suitability for your needs.

Trust GAR Lawyers for Your Criminal Law Needs

GAR Lawyers is a top-notch team of criminal lawyers in Parramatta. Our head criminal lawyer and our skilled team know the ins and outs of criminal law. We take pride in serving our Parramatta community and providing top-class advice and strong legal representation.

We know how to handle all types of criminal offenses. No matter if you’re dealing with something as common as a traffic violation or as serious as a major criminal charge, we’ve got your back. We’re not just any criminal law firm but one of the best criminal law firms in Parramatta and beyond.

Our team has criminal defense specialists with years of experience in dealing with criminal law matters. Our lawyers are equipped to help you with your criminal law matters, from understanding the legal charges against you to representing you in court proceedings. We provide legal aid to those who need it and represent clients in different courts — from the Local Court to the District Court and even the Supreme Court.

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